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Project Description

As the Director of Content Strategy for, I set the voice and tone for the site. I work closely with designers, researchers, and product managers to create clear, concise, and conversational product and mobile content. This has led to an increase in traffic for every single product page, in some cases by 246% (we’re pretty excited about that). I also happen to work with some of the best designers I’ve ever met, so that doesn’t hurt.

I’ve created both original content for as well as worked with UX designers to rework the site’s information architecture, information hierarchy, and content. But you don’t have to take my word for it, below I’ve provided screenshots of my original content as well as “before” and “after” shots (spoiler: the after shots are better).

The Redesign

On May 15, 2017, MassMutual turned 166 years old and to mark its birthday, our Digital Team redesigned For this redesign, I wrote, edited, and oversaw all of the content for the site. Since then, the homepage has gone through several iterations.


MM home page, before


MM home page, after

Through A/B testing, we found that our Retirement Calculator was outperforming other modules that were above the fold. So I rearranged the page to focus on our current brand messaging and our Retirement Calculator.

MassMutual Home Page
Articles on Home Page

I also wrote the copy for each life insurance module and determined the order by our most popular products. As such, since the MassMutual Direct module came in second to the Retirement Calculator, it received first billing.

Working with our analytics team, I realized that many users were searching for information on 401(k)s. So I drove the creation of a landing page using SEO keywords and titled the page, and the module, the question that our users were searching for the most: What is a 401(k)?