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Project Description

For the relaunch, I worked closely with product marketers and subject matter experts to fully understand their products before I started writing. Below are examples of landing pages I created including some before and after screenshots.

For Business

Before the relaunch, MassMutual was organized by goals. This included the For Business page, which didn’t show all of the products and solutions available nor did it include all of the business partners in MassMutual.

For Business - before

I worked with MassMutual’s three business groups at MassMutual (Institutional Solutions, Workplace Solutions, and Business Owners) to highlight their products in one place.

For this page, I worked closely with the UX designer on both information architecture and information hierarchy. I gave each group its own section and highlighted products in an organized, simple way so as to not inundate the user with too much information at once.

You can see the full For Business page here.

For Business - after

Institutional Solutions

Institutional Solutions - after

Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions - after

Business Owners

Business Owners - after
Claims - before


When writing copy, I consider the user’s emotional state and use that as a guide for tone. This was especially true for the copy I wrote for the Claims’ page. When users come to MassMutual to make a claim, their doing so because a loved one has passed. As such, it was important that this page was easy to understand and use.

Prior to our relaunch, the Claims’ page was overwhelming for any user, but especially a user that was grieving.

I worked closely with our UX designer to reorganize the content in a way that is easy for users to digest. To that end, I wrote copy addressing the user’s emotional state when they reach this page. I wanted users to know that MassMutual isn’t run by robots throwing complicated information at them, but rather people that are here to help.

Claims - after

Also, I outlined the claim process in clear, simple language.

Visit the Claims page here.

Claims - after

Find an advisor

The Find an Advisor page is one of the most important pages for MassMutual in terms of leads, but the original page was outdated in terms of copy and design.

Find an Advisor - before

With the new page, I used natural language and we moved away from financial professional to advisor, which I felt was a friendly term. It’s also more accurate in terms of what services the advisors offer.

Visit the Find an Advisor page here.

Find an Advisor - after